BIORON dTTP, 100mM - 200 µl

BIORON dTTP, 100mM - 200 µl

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Package size: 200 µl
BIORON dTTP, 100 mM - 200 µl

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Highly purified dTTP with a concentration of 100 mM.

BIORONs dNTPs can be used for all kinds of PCR applications and sequencing methods where high-quality reagents are required like reverse transcription (RT), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), RT-PCR, DNA labeling reactions, sequencing/cycle sequencing analysis.

All BIORON dNTPs are tested for purity by HPLC (> 98 %), UV and NMR spectroscopy and for absence of nucleases (including RNAses). PCR performance of deoxynucleotides are tested with Taq DNA Polymerase.

This product contains 1 vial of dTTP with a concentration of 100 mM in water of sodium salts at pH 7.5.

Storage condition: -20 °C.

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