1. Ordering at Copenhagen Biotech Supply ApS
Ordering of products from Copenhagen Biotech Supply can be done in the following ways:
In the webshop: www.cobio.dk, by mail to info info@cobio.dk, or by phone to +45 4425 3060.

The deal is first settled when we have send a confirmation of the order. We send this by mail as fast as possible after we have received the order. From the order confirmation you can see: the article number, the number(s) of ordered products, the price(s). We will return as soon as possible with information about delivery.

2. Prices
All customers pay the same low price at Copenhagen Biotech Supply ApS. We give all customers discount when ordering for DKK 20.000 or more of one product at one time. Prices can be seen on the web shop: www.cobio.dk without any requirement to login. Price on products that haven't been uploaded to the web shop yet can be obtained by phone or email.
All prices are given without sales tax (VAT or MOMS). Sales inside Denmark are moms added 25%. Sales to companies in other EU-countries is free of sales tax or moms. This includes also sales to selected countries outside the EU including Faeroe Islands and Greenland.

We ask for understanding if any issues related to force majeure, lack of delivery, sold out goods and printing errors.

3. Sales in generel
The price visible on the homepage is the actual sales prices. We don't offer a secret "login" price, since we offer the same prices to all customers. Remember that we continue to offer a 10% rebate on starting grant holders to build a proper molecular laboratory portfolio.

4. Delivery
We ship products in Denmark free of charge, however blueice shipment of enzymes and other frosen products cost 300 DKK . If the order is less than 900 DDK (not including VAT) we charge an fee of 150 DKK. We ship using PostNord Erhverv or by deliveryvan.

Products in stock are typically delivered the following workday, when the order is received before 1PM. In greater Copenhagen area, we deliver blue ice packages every day, while blue ice shipment only is done Monday, Tuesday or Wedensday using PostNord.
Products that are labeled: ”not in stock” is ordered and shipped at regular intervals. If you require express shipping we can do this but the express freight price is paid by the customer after agreement. We charge the customer only the extra cost we pay.
From all shipment out of Denmark we charge shipping cost but only the amount that we pay.

5. Payment
We send you an invoice, when the products are shipped.

To public Danish institutes we bill to the relevant EAN-number.

Private Danish customers and all international customers receive a bill payable to:
Account # 3409-3001871544
Copenhagen Biotech Supply ApS
Danske Bank
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K
IBAN-nummer: DK0330003001871544
Swift-code: DABADKKK

Payment terms is 30 days from delivery. Hovever, especially for larger orders, new customers may be asked to pay in full or in part in advance. The same applies to customers who have not previously paid on time. Overdue invoices may be added a 1% fee per month. We keep the ownership of the products until the full amount is paid.

6. Concellation
If you place an order and re-decide, you will have to inform us before 13.00 the same day you make the cancellation. We confirm cancellations by email. If you have received an confirmation of the order by automatic email, please return this email and write: ”cancellation” in the ”about” section.

If you havn’t received an order confirmation please email info@cobio, indicating ”cancellation” in the about section. Alternative order please call us at: +45 4425 3060.

7. Complaints
On all devises bought from Omni International, we offer one year warranty. After discussion, the product will be repaired or replaced. If you experience any problems please report to info@cobio.dk, as fast as possible. If the problem are due to maltreatment, any modifications or serious misuse the insurance will not cover – so please take care. On all enzymes, kits and buffers etc we do not offer any warrenty.

8. Any questions ?
Please contact info@cobio.dk

Copenhagen Biotech Supply


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