COPENHAGEN BIOTECH SUPPLY - premium products for microbiology and biotechnology

Our Mission:
To provide high quality products at competitive prices with personal service.

Our Vision:
To sell products we trust - in a way that stands out from the rest.

Our History:
In 2004 and 2007 Carsten worked as a visiting scientist in Montana, USA. Here he got familiar with an outstanding kit to extract DNA from soil. The kit was manufactured by MoBio (now Qiagen) and only available in Denmark through other European distributors. And the price was high, like comparable kits from other brands. Carsten contacted MoBio aiming to arrange direct purchase to his lab in Denmark, but was instead offered to be exclusive distributor of all MoBio products. Thus, Copenhagen Biotech Supply was founded.
Iceland, Lithuania and Latvia was added to the sales territory with good success and, in 2015, Copenhagen Biotech Supply was awarded with the yearly prize for being the best selling small country distributor. The reason was probably the combination of high quality, low pricing, and personal service. A principle we have kept ever since.
During the years, other brands have been added, and some have been terminated.

Currently, we represent BIORON (in Demark since 2010), American Radiolabeled Chemicals (in Denmark since 2010), CHROMagar (in Denmark since 2011), PCR Biosystems (in Demark since 2013 and Iceland since 2021), Alpha Biosciences (in Demark since 2013), and Omni International (in Demark and Iceland since 2017).

Choosing suppliers:
We have an excellent collaboration with our suppliers. They are all carefully selected to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way. They all supply high quality products and provide excellent technical service.

Working with you on new products:
In collaboration with our customers, we test the quality of new brands before introducing them in our shop. If you know of a product that could be of interest, please let us know and we can together work out a strategy.

Meeting us:
We do not have specified sales representatives. When invited, we are happy to visit customers and show our products.
However, our main interest is scientific meetings and trade shows, in Denmark and around the world. Therefore, if you arrange a meeting and would like us to sponsor, please let us know.


Gitte Calov, founder and CEO
Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, founder and CSO

Copenhagen Biotech Supply


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