BIORON GmbH is a premium manufacturer and worldwide-acting business partner for molecular biological and diagnostic products since 2002. The main focus is on different specific tools for a wide variety of PCR applications and a high quality and service commitment to achieve the requirements of the customers in a direct and short approach.

Biotechnology made in Germany

  • Manufacturer and worldwide supplier
  • Focus on molecular biological and diagnostic products
  • Global business partner in 100 countries
  • 80 distributors and 1000 customers
  • 50 OEM cooperation in Diagnostics & Life Sciences industry

Product Line

  • Products and tools for PCR
  • Variety of nucleotides and DNA ladders
  • Master Mixes (including customized products)
  • Taq polymerases & transcriptases & specific enzymes
  • Kits for extraction and purification of nucleic acids

Copenhagen Biotech Supply has been distributing BIORON in Denmark since 2010.

Copenhagen Biotech Supply


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