DNAbsolute - 50 ml

DNAbsolute - 50 ml

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Package size: 50 ml
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DNAbsolute - 50 ml

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DNAbsolute provides a fast and safe method to isolate DNA from a wide range of sample types. Its high sensitivity makes it a solution of choice when working with small and precious samples.

DNAbsolute is composed of a ionic liquid that has a selective and high affinity for DNA strands. When mixed with your sample, the DNAbsolute reagent will directly bind DNA and precipitate it without the need for RNase treatment, protein precipitation or use of hazardous reagents.

DNAbsolute has been successfully used for extracting DNA from insects (drosophila, psyllids, beetles, ants, cochineals), plants (dried leaves), corals (dried and ethanol-preserved) and bacteria (Salmonella).

The resulting yield can vary widely depending on the sample type and preparation. As a general rule, you can expect to recover on average 85% of DNA from a solution ranging from 10 to 100 μg/ml of DNA, and 60% of a solution ranging from 5 to 10 ng/ml of DNA. Poor quality, and/or fragmented starting material will result in reduced yield of purified DNA.

DNAbsolute DNA extraction method can yield highly pure DNA due to its ability to efficiently and specifically solubilize DNA, minimizing contamination with proteins, RNA, and other cellular debris. The purity of drosophila and coral DNA extracted using DNAbsolute has been assessed by spectroscopic measurements. The average 260/280 ratio was found between 1.8-1.9 and the 260/230 ratio at 2.3.

The type of biological sample being processed can affect the extracted DNA purity. Sample lysis optimization, or additional purification steps, might be implemented when working with samples containing high levels of secondary metabolites.

DNAbsolute is available as a 5 ml, 25 ml or 50 ml solution allowing respectively 25, 50 or 100 extractions. Those numbers have been calculated based on 50 drosophila per extraction, and need to be adjusted depending on the quantity and volumes of your starting material while respecting the proportionality of the buffers used.


Number of units: 5

Storage: 4°C


A technology designed by Guillaume Barnoin, Nicolas Papaiconomou, Benoît Michel, Nadine Martinet, Alain Burg​er

Also availble in 25 ml and 50 ml

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