Everspark is now available in two versions

Everspark is now available in two versions


Everspark from Idylle is a blinking buffer series for prolonged blinking in dSTORM microscopy. No more rushing your imaging. Mount your sample, and get stable blinking for weeks.

The Everspark buffer series rely on a physical deoxygenation system. Contrary to classical enzyme-based buffers, Everspark buffers maintain long-term blinking of your sample in dSTORM microscopy with optimal quality of image reconstruction for several weeks.

Once mounted on your sample, Everspark buffer will maintain blinking phenomenon of common fluorophores in dSTORM microscopy for up to 2 months when using Everspark 1.0 and up to 3.5 months when using the Everspark 2.0. You do not need to replace the buffer in that timeframe.
The Everspark 2.0 allows high resolution dSTORM imaging with dyes ranging from green to far-red emission, while Everspark 1.0 works best with yellow to far-red fluorescent dyes.
Up to 2 colours can be imaged sequentially in the Everspark 1.0 buffer, while 3-colour dSTORM microscopy can be performed in the Everspark 2.0.

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Everspark is one of the first products launched by Idylle. It has already been used by many researchers and published several times. Find here the current list of publications



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