Clearsynth is a technology based, research driven enterprise with the world's largest inventory of Reference Standards & Research Chemicals

Clearsynth is a global leader in Stable Isotopes with many thousand different products in stock.

The company with production laboratories in India specializes in Innovative Organic Chemistry and synthesis of Unique Complex Molecules, Stable Isotope Labelled compounds, Metabolites, Impurities, Glucuronides, Chiral Compounds, and Conjugate Impurities.

The company also undertakes synthesis of complex Molecules or "Difficult to Synthesize" compounds/Intermediates.

State-of-the-art global logistics and distribution capabilities, together with experienced supply chain and export departments, ensure fast delivery to the customers.

Pricing and delivery

Our prices are 10% lower than Clearsynths list prices.

If you log in to the Clearsynth website: the prices are shown in USD and you can get an idea of the price. Write us what compound you are interested in and we will provide a detailed quote. In general, we subtract 10% from the list price, on top of this, we only charge you the actual costs for shipping and delivery. Expected delivery time is typically 1-2 weeks total.

Copenhagen Biotech Supply stared distributing Clearsynth i Denmark by the beginning of 2023.

Copenhagen Biotech Supply


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