New chromogenic medium for Pasteurellaceae

New chromogenic medium for Pasteurellaceae


CHROMagar ™ Pasteurella is the first and only medium so far for specific detection of Pasteurellaceae.

Bacteria of Pasteurellaceae family can cause respiratory infections in domestic animals and pets. Histophilus somni, Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia hemolytica are among the main bacteria associated with the pathogen complex animal respiratory diseases. The impact of such respiratory infections can be significant especially in cattle herds where we would observe stunted growth, decline in milk production or even animal death.

Because early detection of Pasteurellaceae is essential to avoid spreading of the decease, CHROMagarTM has developed the only specific culture media able to detect Pasteurellaceae.

  • Differentiates the target group from the other bacteria by the a distinctive mauve colony color
  • Highly selective - most of the environmental flora will be inhibited
  • Fast detection - most isolates will have a noticeable colony size after just overnight incubation

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