Stencell nonent

Stencell nonent

Package size: 100 stencils (2 sheets of 50 units) 2-sheet pack
Brand: Idylle

DKK 1.125,00


Stencell are ready-to-use silicon chambers that you can stick and remove for cellular confinement or dynamic assays, such as migration or wound-healing.

Stencell was designed to standardize your experiments and minimize the consumption of reagents.

It is very helpful when you are working with super expensive reagents or very rare cell lines, and when you want to test various experimental hypothesis.


Designed by Vincent Studer , Pierre-Olivier Strale and Aurélien Pasturel
They were hosted by the Cell Organ-izers joint research laboratory (CNRS-Alvéole).

Powered by the Stencil technology published in Advanced Healthcare Materials

Copenhagen Biotech Supply


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